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Palais Des Thés



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Le Set du Tea Sommelier, the ideal all-in-one tasting set, from the collaboration between François-Xavier Delmas and the famous French designer Patrick Norguet, consists of a bowl, an infusing cup with a serrated edge and its lid.


Because the best of tea deserves the best accessories, Palais des Thés has drawn inspiration from the professional tool used by tea tasters. In the firm belief that such a tool should be available to everyone, we wanted to make it an attractive yet handy object which is easy to use on a daily basis. To this end, François-Xavier Delmas, who subjects thousands of teas to his expert scrutiny every year, and famous French designer Patrick Norguet have joined forces to create Le set du Tea Sommelier.

Made from delicate “Blanc de Chine” porcelain from Dehua, China, Le set du Tea Sommelier consists of one tasting bowl, an infusing cup with a serrated edge and its lid.

It is a real all-in-one accessory that is just ideal to prepare and savour loose-leaf tea:

- The size of the serrated-edge cup ensures the ideal ratio of tea to water: approximately 2 g of tea for 120 ml (4 oz). This allows the leaves plenty of space to unfurl and release their full flavor.

- The nicely even serrations and perfectly fitting lid allow the liquor to flow out while keeping the leaves in.

- The double-walled handle is easy to use without scalding your fingers.

- The lid can be turned over to hold the steeped leaves. As a result, the tea can be appreciated in all its three states: dry leaves to see and smell in the tea canister, steeped leaves, and liquor.


- The set is very easy to use. First, place 2 g (1 teaspoon) of your selected tea directly in the serrated-edge cup (no need for a filter). Next, fill it with hot water to 1 cm below the top edge, which will be approximately 120 ml (4 oz) of water. Follow the directions on the tea canister for water temperature and steeping time.

- Once the infusion time has elapsed, lie the cup with serrated edge sideways in the bowl so that the liqueur flows out while the leaves are trapped. To ensure you perform this task without error, you are advised to keep the cup and its lid in constant contact using both hands.


- Once the cup is empty, remove it while still holding the lid in place. You can now turn it upside down to collect the infused leaves inside the lid. Place the lid face up on the cup. You can now appreciate the tea in its 3 states:



  • the dry leaves, to be observed and smelled inside your tea tin




  • the infused leaves




  • the liqueur




    It’s time to start tasting!

    Technical specifications:
    - Capacity of the cup: 12 cl
    - Bowl: Height: 5,5 cm – Diameter: 9 cm
    - Cup: Height: 7,5 cm – Diameter: 6,5 cm
    - Lid: Diameter: 6,5 cm








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