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TastesLikeTea.com is owned and operated by 5Senses Group LLC to provide a specialty storefront for tea, coffee, spices, and other desirable, natural products. Through our expansive catalog of items on multiple marketplaces, you’ll find all your favorites in one place.

Our selection consists of ethical, natural, organic, and quality brands.


5Senses Group LLC strives to bring items to market that are unique, new or that may have otherwise been forgotten. We do this by sourcing our products from trusted and reliable partnerships and is why we carry such a wide range of products in so many categories. We consistently grow our selection and love recommendations as well. We offer competitive pricing on items you will love. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and tell all your friends and family!

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From 5SensesGroup LLC, TastesLikeTea, SoundsLikeVinyl, and our other brands, you can expect:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fast & Free Shipping
  • Reliable products from trusted sources
  • Ethically Sourced Goods, Always Top Quality
  • Premium Customer Service



How Long Will Shipping Take?

For shipping and handling times, please see below:


Item is In Stock

Items will ship within 1 day if in stock and as soon as available if inbound (inbound means we are receiving more from the brand/distributor).

[1-6 Day Handling]

Item is Reserved

Items will ship once available, on a first come first serve basis (Reserved orders are usually for exclusive, limited, or custom selections). 

[4-25 Day Handling]

Item is Sold Out Will be available to order when or if the product comes back in stock. [Variable Timelines]


Are There Bulk Discounts Available?

On top of the great discounts available on the product pages and at checkout, we encourage everyone to reach out to tastesliketea@5sensesgroupllc.com to build, price, and/or update custom orders. Depending on the nature of the order, we may be able to provide bulk discounts or include additional benefits.


How Does The Reserve Selection Work?

Our Reserve selection consists of products that are limited or exclusive in nature. In order to get an accurate representation of demand, we open the buying window early to know just how much to buy, reducing waste. The order will be fulfilled as soon as they become available, and if there are any issues you can cancel at any time before then by reaching out to us.


Please Note: Time estimates are variable and may change depending on several factors. We will keep your order open and reserved with the intention of fulfilling the order as soon as available. If there are any issues or questions, contact us below.


How Long Is Your Handling Time?

Any items that are in stock and ready to ship will be processed within 1 business day. Many products are consistently coming in from our distribution partners, and any open orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.


Can I Keep Buying Items Even If They're Out Of Stock?


While out of stock products will be available to view, they will not be available to purchase until we can confirm upcoming availability or stock.


Something's Wrong With My Order, What Do I Do?

For any issues or concerns, reach out to tastesliketea@5sensesgroupllc.com where we will be happy to assist any way we can. For easier support, include an order number in your message.


You Don't Currently Have An Item I'm Looking For, Now What? 

Looking for a specific product or have a brand request? Send us a message and we can check on its availability for you, we'll even work on custom bundles at competitive pricing if you need.


How Does 5Senses Group LLC & TastesLikeTea Maintain Ethical Business Practices?

5Senses Group LLC tries to focus on brands and products that are made ethically. We also use green packaging materials such as plant-based packing peanuts, recycled mailers, and reused packaging when possible. Additionally, a portion of our eBay sales generate charitable donations to a variety of charities. 

Our returns and liquidations are also donated, recycled, or resold depending on the nature of the item and issue.


Why Was My Order Canceled?

Some orders may be canceled at our discretion due to several factors. We reserve the right to cancel and refund orders that do not fit our order criteria. While these are rare, we apologize in the event an order is canceled.

Looking To Work With Us?

We're all about expanding our catalog, we encourage brands to reach out to inquire about custom selections and other ways we can add value to your business. 

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